Application Exercises

Now that we know, let's apply it to a real world problem!

Application exercises are team activities that assess your team on the resolution of a real world problem.

There can be multiple Application exercises in your TBL lesson and also they can have multiple assessment types.

AEs with MCQs

For instance, the AE can be a set of MCQ questions that you and your teammates have to decide in the correct answer. Just like in the tRAT, the leader will select the option on behalf of the team.

For each answer, the leader of your time might be required to add a justification on the selection. This is helpful in two ways: first, it helps your team to assert and write a validation for the option chosen and as a recall in case the teacher -after the AE is finished might ask you to share why your team has chosen that option (see next paragraph).

Simultaneous answers release

After all teams have submitted the answers for the TBL, the teacher will simultaneously show what options your team and others have selected for a given question. At this stage might be apparent that not all groups have selected the same answer. Therefore the teacher facilitates a discussion asking students from various teams to share the reasoning behind their answer selection.

When all parties have discussed and presented their arguments, all teams might have reached consensus on the correct answer -or perhaps not. So, it is at this stage that the teacher might disclose to everyone the correct answer.

AEs Case Responses

Another type of AE can be a case response - where the teacher presents all teams with a case and all team create a document response.

As part of the response, the teacher might provide you with some document template which might include questions to guide your document response.

Now unlike all the other team activities until now, in case responses, all team members can contribute simultaneously to the document response at the same time.

As it is a live document, any keystroke that you and your teammates type will be recorded and seen by everyone.

At one stage, usually after a time limit, the teacher might start the Gallery walk - where all teams will be able to see the document responses of other teams and provide feedback and rating.

Once you and your team have provided feedback for all other teams, then you'll be able to see feedback left from other teams to yours.

And as always, a whole class discussion might ensued right after the Gallery walks

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