Self & Peer Review

After adding AEs, the final (and optional) step gives you the option to include a Self and/or Peer Review activity to the TBL design.

Periodically, you might want to include a self & peer review evaluation. As this is not a stage that is always required and if you leave it blank will not include this activity in the TBL design.

When included though, this final step allows you to create a set of criteria for the students to rate each other using a 5-star rating.

Additionally, to the rating criteria, you can add a qualitative justification that the student need to complete along with their rating. When doing so, the students would not only need to rate their self and their peers, but also provide a valid justification for their rating.

It's optional

Note that if you decide not to add any criteria, the Self & Peer Review activity will not be included to the TBL design.

Rating is not the only type of peer assessment option that you can add -though, it is the most commonly used therefore we added it to the wizard.

Aside from rating, you can also use rankings -where given a particular criteria, students need to rank their team members in a scale (ie: 1st position, 2nd, 3rd, etc).

Additionally, you can use points distribution (aka Michaelsen's method), where you give the student a number of points or marks that s/he has distribute between the other peers.

After the Self & Peer Review criteria is added or omitted, then the TBL design can be save by pressing the “Save” button.

Voila! You have created your first TBL learning design!

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