Self & Peer Review

Helping yourself and others improve!

From time to time, the teacher might ask you to perform a self and peer evaluation to assess the contributions of each of your teammates to the team's success and also of your own learning.

This will help you to practise giving constructive feedback to help improve your team work in future lessons.

The evaluation might be a set of criteria where you would need to provide a rating, a create a rank of your peers, assigned a given number of points to your teammates and/or give qualitative (text) feedback.

In the animation below, you can get an idea of how this works for ratings and comments.

After you have given the evaluation to you and your teammates, you might be able to see: feedback that you have left for others and/or feedback left for others to you (this is the lecturer's decision).

You might also get an email with a full report of your peer's assessment and a comparison between what you have evaluated and how others have evaluated you.

After Self & Peer Review, you are pretty much done for the TBL Lesson. So when you finish this last activity, you should see your marks (if teacher has enabled this option):

Congratulations! 👏

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