Design Details & Teams

Adding the design name and team preferences.

On this first step, you need to name your learning design and set the team formation criteria.

Naming your TBL design

Enter a meaningful name for your learning design. Make sure you use a name that reflects the purpose of the lesson.

The design that you create at the end of the TBL wizard can be reused in as many courses as you like. So your designs are not bound to a single lessons, but are truly re-usable learning designs.

Select team formation criteria

Teams can be set in a variety of ways to suit the classroom environment.

Random allocation: in Random allocation, you can either choose to set the number of total teams needed, or the number of students to be within each team. In either of these circumstances, the students will be randomly allocated to their team, and they will stay within these teams for any of the activities in the TBL lesson.

Teacher’s choice: in Teacher’s choice, students are assigned to their team by you in the LAMS Monitor environment by simply drag and drop the students name into their team container (this is described in more detail in the monitoring section).

Learner's Choice: this option allows learners to choose their own team.

For TBL, you might want to select Teacher's choice as it will then allow you to manually assign your students using pre-configured teams that can be used for the entire semester.

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