Team-Based Learning
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Monitoring a TBL Lesson

Running a TBL Lesson with LAMS! All you need to know
In the previous section, you learn how to create a TBL lesson based on a design. Now in this section, we will look at how to run an effective TBL lesson with LAMS.

LAMS Monitoring

When you created your TBL designs, you were using the LAMS Authoring environment.
Similarly -for running lesson, LAMS has a Monitoring environment that will provide you with all the tools that you need to manage and monitor the performance and progress of your students throughout the lesson.

Accessing LAMS Monitoring

To access the Monitor environment for a given lesson, simply navigate to the lesson and click on the heartbeat icon.
Accessing LAMS Monitoring

Monitoring a TBL Lesson

In this 5' video, you can see how you monitor the progress of students and get TBL specific reports
Using TBL Monitor Reports -version 3.0

Managing student flow with Gates

As we saw previously, we use gates to control when we want students to access the TBL activities. Here's a short video that shows how you achieve that.

TBL Analytics

Manage synchronous or asynchronous TBL lessons

The most important aspect of asynchronous and synchronous TBL lesson is time management. Additionally you can manage student's flow using gates.

Changing team leaders

If you need to change a leader for a team, you can do this at any of the activities or in the leader selection activity itself.

In Leader selection

In the lesson
Student's view
In the leader selection activity, you can switch any leader for any team as follows
Switching leaders in leader selection
Once you switch the leader, the student will automatically be changed and this is what they will see
Leader switch for team

In tRAT & AEs

If you've got to change the leader in a tRAT because the student cannot longer continue being leader or has been disconnected, then change the leader as follows
In the lesson
Students' view
Changing leader in tRAT (scratchie)
View when a leader is changed from the student's perspective