Individual Test (iRAT)

First, you -individually- will be assess on your understanding of the preparation materials.

This comes in a form of a quiz with a set of questions that aim to assess your knowledge on the subject.

The quiz contains a set of Multiple choice questions (MCQs) and might contain some other features:

Confidence Levels

Aside from selecting the answer of your choice, the teacher might want you to set a confidence level to your answer. This is "how confident that the option you have selected is the correct one". You can select a percentage ranging from 0% (if you are in no way confident of your answer being correct) to 100% if you are certain that the answer you have selected is correct.

Note that this confidence selection has no bearing in your mark though. So it will not affect the score regardless whether the answer you have selected is correct or not.

Mark Hedging

Instead of a traditional MCQ where you get to select only one option, teachers might give you the possibility to split a set of points across all different answers for a question.


Unlike in confidence levels where your confidence selection has no bearing in your mark, Mark hedging will.

Say the teacher allows you to allocate 5 marks across the available answers. You can allocate two points to answer #1 and then three points to answer #4. n

In this case, if answer #1 correct answer, then instead of getting all full marks for this question, you will only going to get the number of points you have allocated to it. In this case only two points.

Here's how you allocate points in mark hedging:

Time limits

For the quiz, you might be given a limited time to finish. If so, you will see a countdown timer at all times while you are answering the questions. Once the time is up, all your answers up to the point where you are will be submitted on your behalf.

Question by question or all in one page

Questions in the iRAT can be presented question by question, or all one after the other.

The interesting aspect of the quiz, is that after you answer the questions in it, you won't get feedback as to whether the answers you selected are correct or incorrect. But don't worry, this will make sense when we review what happens next.

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